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“Our goal is to nurture love to Music, to motivate the Student and to assure personal fulfillment at each stage of the learning process.” We adjust the teaching method to accommodate each student’s personal needs rather than following blindly the method. Whether the students wants to just enjoy playing music or plans to make it career, we have program to assist them. We are aiming to present all music fundamentals through gradual and progressive exercises and produce well-rounded, engaged and skillful musicians.
We also believe that performing on stage is the ultimate goal of learning music. That is why we encourage all students to participate in our Winter and Spring Recitals in order to gain performing experience, showcase their talents and build self-confidence – so important in many other areas their lives as well.

“Why are our students so happy and successful?”

Fun Classes – Groups and Private
Programs tailored to fit everyone’s needs
Qualified and Experienced Teachers
Use of technology in learning Music
Variety of Music Styles


Junior Programs:
           Music Street
           Piano for the Young Beginner
Pop Keyboard
Music Theory


Music Street – ages 6 and up

Music Street is the junior program of the Pop Keyboard course created by the Triton Music Academy. This course nurtures love of music and establishes broad base of musical skills that provide a foundation for a lifetime musical joy. In a playful atmosphere students explore different rhythms, songs, games and movement. Children develop basic listening skills and ability to read, play and write music. There are a lot of activities in each class and the concepts are presented in most enjoyable manner. Keyboards, Percussion Instruments, Computer, Craft and various objects are used in class. This course has two levels. Upon completion the students have a choice – to proceed to Pop Keyboard Level 1 or to switch to Royal Conservatory of Music Piano Grade 1


Piano for the Young Beginner – ages 4 and up

This is method created by James Bastien for young students and its approach is based on the students age and ability to learn. Bastien Piano Basics is an exciting and comprehensive series for piano study designed to get the young student off to the right start. The learning sequence is carefully graded to assure steady progress, while the full-collour illustrations entertain and reinforce along the way. Upon completion of Primer A and B books the student will be ready for the Level 1 of Bastien Piano Basics.


Piano – all ages

Our Piano Course is taught in 3 levels: Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced. For the first 1-2 years of study we use the Bastien Piano Method. After completion the students have the choice to follow the Royal Conservatory of Music Curriculum or to take advantage of our Customized Piano Method based on classical foundation and student’s choice of supplementary repertoire. The students following RCM who successfully complete Grade 8 Practical and Grade 2 Music Rudiments are entitled to one Academic High School Credit. Adults are welcome as well whether beginners or with previous piano experience.


Pop Keyboard – ages 8 and up

This is very well organized approach, based on popular music repertoire and designed for students anywhere from 8 years old to adults. This course allows for fast and motivating progress. The first level – Pop Keyboard Intro – is extremely successful preparatory course designed to introduce novice to the Keyboard in the most enjoyable and fast way. In addition to learning all the basics of good musicianship through note reading, rhythm, technique and theory, students are also instructed in the operation of the keyboard so that every song may be developed to its fullest potential. This method is created by Triton Music Academy and has 7 levels – Intro and Levels 1 to 6. It is very intense course that is fully comparable to the Royal Conservatory of Music curriculum. Quite often students migrate from the one to the other in their search of personal fulfillment in music.


Guitar – ages 8 and up

Our guitar course has combined many exciting features that reflect the demands of students from different ages. Learning melodies and accompaniment technique results in a perfect blend of solo playing and chord strumming, supported by a wealth of fundamental musical knowledge. The student also will learn all the basics of music reading and theory. With our tested and successful approach we bring a new dimension to the guitar instruction field.


Voice – all ages

This course is suitable for anyone who wants to learn to sing. It covers all the basic principles of singing such as: Vocal Tone, Voice Control, Breathing, Microphone Technique, Voice Exercises etc. The Student will also learn th basics of music reading and theory for singers. The books used for this course have most musical examples and exercises recorded on the accompanying CD. Each student will learn how to develop their own unique interpretation of a song. How to use a microphone and will be given valuable tips on performing in public. For those students interested in Royal Conservatory of Music curriculum we offer RCM Exam preparation.


Drums – ages 8 and up

Progressive Beginner Drums is an enjoyable and easy to follow drumming method for the complete beginner. Explains and demonstrates all the essential techniques used in modern drumming styles. Includes: Music Fundamentals, Coordination, Rhythm Studies and making effective use of the whole drum kit. The students are introduced to reading and understanding music as it relates to the drums, learning to play the entire drum kit and gaining control of all four limbs. Later the students learn how to play drum beats in variety of styles and how to invent their own Drum Beats and Fills.


Violin – ages 4 and up

This course is an excellent well established traditional method of teaching violin. It begins with introduction to the violin, bow operation, sound exercises, posture and proper finger position. The concepts are tailored to fit the needs, the age and the learning abilities of the student. This course emphasizes on note reading and music theory. The lessons begin with simple tunes, folk songs and etudes. Parents of young students may be present at the class room but are not an integral part of the learning environment as it may be the case in some other teaching methods. It is the teacher who plays the primary role as educator. This course is taught in private class setting. Adult beginners are welcome as well.


Music Theory – all levels

We provide instructions for all levels of Music Theory.
Preliminary Music Theory is included in almost all beginners methods as it relates to the instrument the Student is learning. Elementary Music Theory is integral part of all Piano and Keyboard methods.
Music Rudiments – Preliminary, Intermediate and Advanced are necessary co-requisites for students taking RCM Exams Grade 5 and up. Music Rudiments are taught in Group settings and great care is taken to assure each and every student’s success in RCM Exams